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Don't Freak Out.....

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

From your Nurse

When we hear about mental illness, let's not freak out. It is as normal as the daylight. Our minds and mental health are a part of us. I have 10 questions for you if you are reading this.

1. Do you have feelings?

2. Do you struggle with managing your thoughts at times?

3. Do you experience stress sometimes?

4. Have you ever experienced trauma?

5. Do things get a bit overwhelming for you sometimes?

6. Do you sometimes feel down and need to cry?

7. Do you have bizarre thoughts sometimes?

8. Do you sometimes doubt your ability to cope?

9. Do you sometimes think the world is against you?

If so,

10. Why don't we normalise conversation around mental illness?

So that we don't freak out when the word pops up. You see, mental illness lives with us and in us. It is as normal as daylight. Our minds are fragile; it take on a lot, and sometimes we need help to take a load off our minds. We need to be opening up discussions and be supportive when one is having a difficult time because you never know when you might need support, too.

This is the message we preach on #BoldSt3p. Please don't freak out when you hear the word ".....Mental illness....."

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