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When you say, " It's not my portion" what do you really mean?

a. It can never happen to you

b. You are trying to be positive

c. You are living in denial


When you despise/ neglect those going through health challenges (especially mental health) what are you really thinking? When you chose to gossip/ stigmatise someone already struggling, what goes through your mind?

Ill-health comes in different form, physical or mental, there is no one exempted, anyone can experience mental health issues.

We can be hopeful even in the face of difficulty, what we should never do is act as if we are better than those going through challenges. Anyone can have a mental breakdown at any point.

So, think about the way you treat others when they are down. If the table turns, how will you want to be treated ?

Be kind and be considerate....

From your Nurse..

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