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Bold St3p C.I.C is a non-profit community organisation based in Manchester, a  mental health motivational platform that focuses on building confidence, empowering/ motivating people with the view of promoting a positive attitude towards life. We facilitate workshops, social inclusion activities and a safe space which provides support for people who may be struggling with coping with stress and life’s challenges. Our passion is on preserving mental health and well-being of people in our community. We promote social inclusion through our participatory community activities in a safe and supportive setting.

Bold St3p actively raises awareness on general issues affecting people in our community at large. Example, raising awareness on mental health issues,  breaking the barriers and stigmas and tackling harmful practices that may cause trauma and impact on mental health and wellbeing.

Bold St3p promotes networking, encourages people to stay connected and build a stronger support network for themselves within their community. 


We encourage a culture of giving to the needy to help make the world safe and a better place.

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