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Mind Cleansing Exercise

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Stop those negative self-talk. You accuse yourself of not doing well "I can't believe I am still Where I was last year; I'm a failure"? Or "I don't think I have anything good to offer others ".. Stop crucifying yourself. Change your mindset. Everyone wants to do well but sometimes we don't meet our own expectation but you've got to keep a positive mindset. As long as you keep trying. Look at your strategies, Reflect and review your plans. Don't be too negative about yourself. If people are negative about you, it is easier for you to prove them wrong. But if you are negative about yourself, it is a lot harder for you to move forward. Stop the negative self-talk. Think about it, if someone comes to you and say negative things about him/herself e.g. "I'm a failure, I tried but nothing good to show". How would you encourage the person? I am sure that you are not going to agree with person; rather you will find yourself encouraging the person.

Do a mind cleansing exercise.

You can achieve whatever you want if you set your mind to it.

Just keep on trying.

No negative self-talk.

Have a positive mindset

From your Nurse Precious

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