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Hugs Are Magical

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Hug; The Magic touch......

Hug is like medicine It has a way of lifting our mood When we are happy, we hug When we are sad, we hug When we have a good day, we hug When we have a rough day, we hug When we have no words, we hug Hug feels squeezy or squashy but affectionate, warm and supportive. It has a way of giving comfort. Hug instantly gives a shoulder to lean on What hugging gives cannot be describe with words. It is our hello & our goodbye

Hug is one thing you give and also receive. When sick, you need your family or friends around you to gold you hands and to give you a hug. Right now, that is not happening. People dying and no one can hug & hold hands to console their family. Where a hug is needed but avoided.

For those needing a hug but cannot receive, please hang in there. Do this; Wrap your arms around you & give yourself a nice big squeezy hug. It is a tough time, sending words of encouragements and a phone call to someone goes a long way. Let's look out for those struggling emotionally as well. Hug is priceless Hug is magical #BoldSt3p

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