This is the starting point, cofidence is so important in our day to day lives, yet many struggle to find this. Bold St3p encourages individuals to belive and trust in themselves. Be bold and confident in yourself.


From Latin word "inspirare"  which means to "blow into or breathe upon". You can blow into something that is already there but just needed a little boost. For example, A fire made with firewood needs "blowing into" for the flame to catch properly. You can also "breath upon" to give life. Don't take your words likely, you can speak to someone and your words can bring life to the person.


From Latin word "movere" which means to "move".  Do you know that you literally need motivation for everything you do? If you lack motivation, you will not get up for your daily activities/ routines. This is something we take for granted. You have so many reasons to keep moving.


To Promote- Another Latin word for moving forward.  When you promote, you are  encouraging one to move forward. You can say being hopeful, optimistic, confident, determined; this consist of a long lists of positive words. Do you wonder why Bold St3p has embraces this two words? Promoting Positiveness, we encourage you to have a Positive look in life, you can always find a way to rise above every situation.


Having knowledge of Something and bringing it to the knowledge of others. For Bold st3p, we raise awareness on issues that can affect anyone, we focus on mental health, w3 also raise awareness on harmful practices that can cause harm such as FGM and modern day slavery.


Nkoyo Shadracks

Founder BoldSt3p

Welcome to Bold St3p, I am Nkoyo Shadracks (nick name Precious), the founder of Bold St3p. I am a Registered Mental Health Nurse, a motivational speaker, a mental wellness coach and a talk show presenter. My aim is motivate people to feel confident and positive about themselves and also to raise awareness on mental health and promote positive mindset.

I feel that Bold St3p is a place people should find motivation in our day to day lives, by promoting positive energy, sharing personal experiences and creating awareness on issues affecting the general public. I hope to encourage individuals to have a positive outlook to life regardless of the challenges that life brings. Also to give chances for individuals to take a bold step of sharing their personal stories with the aim of encouraging, inspiring and empowering someone with their life experiences without fear of being judged. Bold St3p creates  a safe space to vent, be listened to and be supported.

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